11.11.11 - A celebration of love

On 11 Nov 2014, we celebrate our 3rd year of marriage. It has been 10 amazing years, making it a total of 15 years of a wonderful friendship together. In the 15 years, we have studied together, did cheerleading, backpacked around Europe, snowboarded, wake boarded, skydived, rode horses, rode elephants, did road trips and of course, got married. It has been an exciting adventure together and we believe greater adventure lies ahead of us!

More than just a celebration of our love, this day is also the celebration of the love of our family and friends who made our wedding so special for us. We are really blessed to have our family and friends, especially those who traveled from overseas, to celebrate this beautiful occasion with us. We are also eternally grateful to our talented and dedicated friends who helped made everything happened for us! A special shout-out to them...

Our entourage:
- Lips, Jeff, Aaron, Clement, Yuantai, Eugene
- Jessica, Cassandra, Glenda, Jaclyn, Michelle, Joanne
You guys were the ones who made the wedding run like clockwork and gave us our dream wedding. Our dream team. We can't say thank you enough for all the time, effort and expenses you've put in. We love you guys!

- Eric, Careen, Jeff, Ryan, Janice, Michelle, Jag, Andre. 
Thanx for amazing years of rocking friendship and helping us to rock the night out! \m/

- Kenneth, Bob, Alvin, Johan. 
Thanx for capturing the magical moments so beautifully guys. Thanx Alvin for the amazing overseas shoot and the great adventure while we were at it. ;)

Video crew (MTV):
- Jake, Betty & team
Thanx for helping out with story, directing, filming and the countless hours of editing. It's such an amazing video!

Wedding coordinators:
- Yilun, Zhenying
Thank you for all the tips and awesome coordination skills that have really helped make our wedding a smooth and beautiful one. We couldn't have been in better hands than you!


Pre-Wedding Europe Photos [by Alvin Lim]
Pre-Wedding Studio Photos [by Golden Horse Bridal Studio]
Wedding Day (Gate-Crash) [by FreshFromKenneth]
Wedding Day (Holy Matrimony) [by FreshFromKenneth]
Wedding Day (Chinese Banquet) [by FreshFromKenneth]
Wedding Photos [by Johan Mathson]
Wedding Day [by FlashBob]

Photo Booth Photos

With lots of love and hugs and kisses,
Kenneth & Stephanie